Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spartacists Squabble with ....Bolsheviks

I thought that folks might be interested by this stroppy email below, which was sent on Friday, by the “Partisan Defence Committee” (PDC) in relation to yesterday’s so-called “United-front” protest in London. This was held in support of Mumia Abu-Jamal. Mumia is a former “Black Panther” prisoner who is held on death row for murder in the USA.

A bit of background – the email was sent to the even more grandly named “International Bolshevik Tendency (Britain)” which many years ago split (or was thrown out – depending whose version you believe) of the “Spartacists League” which is supported by the PDC.

Since this split these two tiny factions have spent their time largely writing pamphlets about the respective “splitters” and calling each other names.

I have no doubt that this glorious future awaits Respect! (Whether they call themselves Respect Renewal, Continuity or Left List)

Apart from the childish in-fighting, do people really believe that the meaningless sloganising used actually signifies anything nowadays? How many of the “30,000” Brummie trade union “supporters” mentioned will have turned up (or even have the faintest idea that the protest is going on)?


Sent: Friday, April 18, 2008 4:24 PM
Subject: Letter from PDC to IBT re united-front protest for Mumia's freedom

To: International Bolshevik Tendency (Britain)
From: Partisan Defence Committee, London
Subject: London united-front protest for Mumia’s freedom on 19 April

17 April 2008

We have approached your organisation on two occasions to endorse the above united-front protest which is part of an international series of protests initiated by the Partisan Defense Committee in the US and its fraternal defence organisations in other countries. The slogans of the demonstrations are: “Mumia Abu-Jamal is innocent! Free Mumia now! Abolish the racist death penalty!” Over the last two weeks more than 300 organisations and individuals have endorsed the united-front demonstrations including trade unions representing thousands of workers, minority organisations, civil liberties groups and other campaigns from the US to South Africa to Mexico. In Britain, one message offers “the support of the 30,000 members of the Communication Workers Union in the Midlands Region”, while a variety of organisations such as the Marcus Garvey Organising Committee and Afrikan Liberation Day Organising Committee are mobilising for and speaking at the event, in addition to a number of trade unionists and campaigning organisations.

We first asked for your organisation’s endorsement at your “planning” meeting in London on Thursday 3 April. Your organisation refused to endorse the PDC-initiated London demonstration. Subsequent to this an advertisement appeared on your website and elsewhere for a demonstration to be held at the same time and place as the PDC-initiated united front. Again, on 9 April we emailed you an endorsement form. To date we have received no reply. Attached is an endorsement form.

In the interests of fighting for Mumia’s freedom, we think it is obvious that there should be one demonstration. We are prepared to offer speaking time to you and to those organisations that have endorsed your demonstration.

K... K.....

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