Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ken’s Café

I met up with Ken Livingstone and Labour Assembly candidate, John Biggs this morning at West Ham FC for a tour of Forest Gate and East Ham.

Ken launched the latest Labour Party billboard, “Don’t Vote for a Joke – Vote for London” (about you know who) then on route to East Ham stopped off at “Ken’s Cafe” (opposite Queens Market) for a mug of tea and bacon butty. He gave a number of interviews to press and media inside the Cafe. The tea was very good value at only 50p in a real china mug.

In recognition of my many talents I was given the crucial and vitally important role of a Labour Party balloon holder by Scottish organiser Katie. Who later deprived me of this honour in order to give the balloon’s to Mrs “Ken’s Cafe” grandchildren.

They then took the tube to East Ham and we walked down to the indoor market. Despite the rain people seemed genuinely thrilled to meet Ken and John. In these surroundings Ken was in his absolute element.

If we can transfer this enthusiasm, recognition and support into actual votes on the Day – Labour and Ken will walk it. Things are somewhat different in the outer London Tory boroughs, so we need to maximise the Vote in “City and East” Constituency (Newham, Tower Hamlets and Barking & Dagenham) to win. We’re doing our best. It's now less than 24 hours to save London from Boris!


Charlie Marks said...

Great picture.

As we're heading into a global economic crisis, I know who I want as Mayor of London and it's not a bigoted pro-war Tory...

John Gray said...

Hi Charlie
As you know we don't always get want we want!