Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ring of Democracy – Keep Nazis out of London

Following the WMD rally, there was straight away a symbolic “ring of democracy” formation around City Hall. This was organised by SERTUC and other London unions, especially UNISON which represents staff who are employed at the GLA.

There had been a bit of a “hick up” since there was a water main burst which meant that City Hall was actually closed since there was no water supply. The GLA UNISON banner was locked away and unavailable so they carried the UNISON London regional Banner.

The “ring of democracy” went ahead successfully. UNISON London regional Convenor Gloria Hanson (left in picture) and GLA UNISON branch secretary Teresa Askew (see next to Gloria) both spoke about their member’s horror about the prospect of having to work for any BNP Assembly members.

Hopefully of course this will not happen. However, it depends on turn out. High turnout means no Nazi /BNP in the London Assembly;

Low turnout means that London will have Nazi/BNP in the assembly.

Please do whatever you can to maximise the vote (and of course to vote Labour – warts and all).


Anonymous said...

Join the Boycott of the Evening Standrad

stop the Metro winning the next contract to distrabute on London transport

So thats why they hate Ken

Right wing rag
that cares nothing for London
its owners, journalists live in the Shires anyway

John Gray said...

sign me up!