Sunday, June 23, 2024

West Hammers on tour 2024 General Election: Southend East & Rochford


Yesterday I went to Southend with West Ham Labour Activists including our former MP Lyn Brown and our candidate for West Ham & Beckton, James Asser. We joined a team of Labour supporters from Southend and all over London supporting the local Labour Candidate, Bayo Alaba. 

There was overwhelming support for Labour in an area which previously I suspect was pretty solid Conservative. I called at one house where a young mum was organising her young children to get into the car to go on a journey. I had a chat with her and she explained that she was a previous life long Conservative voter but this time, her and her husband had decided that there had to be change they will be voting Labour. Full stop. I have no doubt what so ever that they will do this. 

Of course, not everyone shared this view but I did not come across a single person admitting that they were voting Conservative. 

Afterwards we met up with the Labour candidate Bayo, who I have met before and in my view will make a brilliant MP.  As a former reservist myself, I am so proud that the Labour Party has so many ex-military candidates standing for Parliament this time. 

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