Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Supporting Melanie & Uma in Maryland - Wednesday (then burger, pint & chips in the "Cart and Horses" the birthplace of Iron Maiden)


I went to Beckton to canvass but it had to be cancelled due to a mishap. These things happen in elections. So I went again to Maryland to support Melanie and Um,a in a session led by my West Hammer colleague, John Whitworth and our number one canvasser, Varghese Mathai. 

As we started it was nice to be told "good luck" by a friendly passer bye. It was pretty hot and humid and we had lots of blocks and stairwells to climb which was good for my steps. 

Tonight, we were in a more traditional working class part of Maryland and I had a 100% positive response for Labour from the residents I managed to speak with.  I was also stopped by other passer byes, pledging support and asking for leaflets. So many people are so desperate for change and want to give Labour a chance. 

Afterwards we went for a drink (and some of us food) in the well known, Maryland pub, the "Cart & Horses", which is apparently the birthplace of the heavy metal band "Iron Maiden" ( a name inspired by a certain former Tory Prime Minister). There were some bands playing in the basement but it was very nice and relaxed in the bar area. 

On the way back home I listened to the live debate between Sunak Vs Starmer and thought Keir wiped the floor with him. I admit that I am somewhat conflicted on this issue :-) 

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