Monday, June 24, 2024

14 Years of Tory CHAOS 10 Days until you can Vote for Change

This evening I joined our Labour Beckton by-election candidate, Blossom Young and local activists to campaign for her and our Parliamentary candidate, James Asser. The weather has turned warm but the rain this spring and early summer has made the area lush and green. There is an outer London suburban feel to this part of Newham. 

I had many positive conversations with residents including with those who are critical of Labour but understand that the only choice is between a Tory Government and a Labour Government. People are desperate for change. 

But I can remember the 1992 General election, when nearly everyone thought that we were ahead in the polls, change was going to happen and that  Labour were going to win - but we didn't. We had to endure another 5 years of pretty disastrous Tory rule. 

While it sometimes feels that the Tories have a death wish - do not underestimate in the next 10 days the money they will spend, the lies they will tell and the slander they will spread.

So do not take anything for granted and remember - Vote Labour if you want change. A vote for any other party is likely to mean a vote for the Tories. 

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