Friday, June 28, 2024

Vote Labour on 4 July: Labour Unions


This evening I was collecting more "James Asser" for West Ham & Beckton leaflets from the printers and delivering them to our HQ and our by election candidate in Beckton ward, Blossom. 

Today I also had National leaflets from Labour Unions, which is the organisation set up by trade unions who are affiliated to the Labour Party - see below. 

I am confident that we get all these important leaflets delivered.  

It never ceases to amaze me how some trade unionists don't get how important it is to elect a Labour Government. The Tories in the last 14 years have done their very best to destroy us. Thankfully we have just about survived but history tells us that to organise and win for members we must have fairness (not favours) in Parliament.  

I have never agreed 100% with any Labour Leader or all Labour Policies (when I first joined the Party it's leader was James Callaghan). 

But I have always agreed with the manta "that the worse day in any Labour Government (and there were some dreadful days) is far, far better than the best day of any Conservative Government". Vote Labour. A vote for any other party is likely to be a vote for the Tories

The 11 trade unions affiliated to the Labour Party are:

ASLEF: Associated Society of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen – representing workers on the railways (drivers, operational supervisors and train-operating staff).

Community – representing workers across the economy, including steel, betting, manufacturing, logistics, justice services, charities, finance, disabled workers and the self-employed.

CWU: Communication Workers Union – representing workers in post, telecommunications and financial services.

FBU: Fire Brigades Union – representing the vast majority of whole-time (full-time) and retained (part-time, on-call) operational firefighters and operational fire control staff.

GMB – representing general workers in public and private sectors.

MU: Musicians Union – representing performers, writers and teachers in the music industry.

NUM (National Union of Mineworkers) – representing current and retired former mineworkers.

TSSA: Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association – representing workers in the railways and associated companies, Train Operating Companies, Network Rail, Transport for London, London Underground, the travel trade, freight haulage, ferries and shipping.

UNISON: representing staff who provide public services, employed in both the public and private sectors. Members work in local government, health care, colleges and schools, the police service and the voluntary sector, transport, electricity, gas and water industries.

Unite: representing workers in all sectors of our economy, covering both the public and private sectors. Unite also holds a Community branch for those who are unemployed.

USDAW: Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers – representing workers in the retail, distributive and related industries.

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