Thursday, June 13, 2024

Vote Labour for Change - Manifesto Day Canvass in Beckton, East London


This evening I went on a canvass with our Labour by election candidate, Blossom Young and activists in Beckton ward. We went to new build housing developments, owned by social landlords (secure tenants, shared ownership and market rents). 

Both Blossom and I work in the sector and we did come across a number of serious housing issues (as do all political canvassers in Newham and elsewhere). To me, it is so important that we get a Labour government elected committed to address the housing crisis and everything else that is so wrong in our broken Britain. 

I was really impressed with Blossom handling a couple of difficult conversations on the doorstep. By listening, being honest, polite and respectful, she at the end won over all of them. The canvass itself was overwhelmingly positive for Labour. Residents want a change in Government. 

They know that the General election is pretty much a simple choice between Labour and the Tories. In my personal view, a vote for anyone else but Labour is likely to be a vote for the Tories. 

Today the Labour Party issued its manifesto which I am wading through but can see lots and lots of great stuff.

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