Saturday, June 15, 2024

Canning Town and Beckton visits and doorsteps


Today  I joined the West Ham & Beckton Labour Parliamentary candidate, James Asser, with local Councillors, Rohit and Shabs, for a tour of shops and businesses in Canning Town. James chatted to owners about issues facing them on the high street. It then absolutely poured with rain, during which I drove to the printers to pick up leaflets while James and the others took shelter in a Labour supporter home. 

The rain stopped and for a while it was blue skies and sunshine. We then went and knocked on doors in a relatively new, nearby high rise and talked to residents about what issues were important to them. 

The need for safer streets was a number one priority for both residents and local businesses.  Tory governments cut the Police of 20,000 experienced officers and the Met by over £1 billion. They are not the party of law and order.  

In the afternoon I went to knock on doors in Beckton with our council by election candidate, Blossom Young, my fellow ward Councillor John and UNISON colleague Mushtaq. Labour Friends of Bangladesh were also there to help with the door knock and we got over 150 contacts.  

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