Thursday, June 06, 2024

Out and about in Royal Docks for Labour: West Ham & Beckton


This evening I joined my West Ham Ward colleague, John Whitworth in Royal Docks ward to canvass with local Councillors, Caroline Adaja and Steve Brayshaw. 

Our West Ham & Beckton Labour Parliamentary Candidate, James Asser, was out canvassing with activists in our North Woolwich ward. 

I had no "negative" responses during the door knock but I guess that some responses from residents that said they were "undecided" were probably from those who are actually opposed. But I felt (hope?) that while they will not vote Labour it is possible that they will stay at home and not vote. Which in one way is a shame but their choice and a reflection of how dreadful the current Conservative offer is to even their traditional supporters. 

On the plus side, we had plenty of positive responses in a part of the borough that some would think is not great for Labour.  A lady came to the door who was celebrating her birthday but wished us well and ensured us that everyone in her family and her friends would be voting Labour - including those who had changed their minds recently. 

I also came across a number of residents who had either never voted or had not voted for several years who were genuinely interested in the election process and who were pleased to be canvassed and learn more about how to vote. One young mum who was happy to engage, while also trying to ensure her excited toddler and her cat did not run out of the open front door was so pleased to meet Steve, one of her Councillors, who lives nearby and discuss with him local issues. 

Afterwards, John and I joined our colleague Shabs who had just finished his ward canvass at the Canning Town Efes to share their meal platter. A great meal and finish to a long day. 

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