Monday, July 01, 2024

Campaigning for Labour Candidate Keir Cozens in Great Yarmouth

This Saturday and Sunday, Gill and I were in Great Yarmouth to canvass and leaflet for Keir. The train cost only £45 for the two of us (with railcard) return. We stayed in a cheap & cheerful B&B near Britannia Pier. I have been working off and on in Norfolk supporting UNISON members since 2007 (my LGPS pension is looked after by the Norfolk pension fund). Great Yarmouth, also always reminds me of living in Colwyn Bay, North Wales as a boy.

Keir and his team were super friendly and welcoming. A well organised office, refreshments, no waiting around or confusion. On Saturday afternoon I went to a small village with a canvass team and enjoyed some decent political conversations (and ice creams!).  The weather was warm and sunny. 

Sunday, was unexpectedly damp and I had to buy a new cagoule on way to 10.30 start. This time I went with a team to an adjacent resort, while Gill delivered leaflets. Our star team member was Labour attack dog, Aubrey (see photo top right).  Again some more good political conversations including a UNISON local government member who was very supportive. 

There was difficult conversations as well. A few residents were disenchanted with all parties, many said they have never been door knocked before and were somewhat pleased we were there to speak to them, despite the rain. One resident however, demanded a "dry" leaflet but at that stage they were all pretty soggy. Overall though, another positive canvass. 

In the afternoon I helped Gill finish off her leaflet round. It was along the coast and there was a band playing in the distance and glorious views over the beach. We were dropped off and picked up promptly when we finished. Canvassing was halted at 4pm for the England Euros game. 

If at all possible, London Labour supporters should get themselves out of London in the next few days and into the winnable battlegrounds outside. 25% of all Labour members live in London (not a great statistic which needs to be worked upon). There are more than enough members in London for our marginal and target seats (candidates will of course disagree). On polling day itself, Keir will need all the help they can get. 

Would recommend if you do come to Great Yarmouth and you stay overnight that you check out Misha - Indian & Bangladeshi Dining ( We had one of our best meals in a long time here. 

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