Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Last chance to nominate for National Labour Link committee


Dear Branch Secretary/Labour Link Officer, 

There are just 5 working days left for your branch to nominate a candidate to the National Labour Link committee. Don't miss your chance to influence our work with the Labour Party! Use that influence by nominating me, Anu Prashar. 

I am a member of Brent unison, and a member of the regional Labour Link committee. I have experience both as a shop steward and as a regional and national activist. I am currently the co-chair of UNISON’s Greater London LGBT+ Committee and sit on UNISON's National LGBT+ Committee elected from the Black LGBT+ caucus. I am Chair of Ealing North CLP which I sit on as a UNISON delegate. I work closely with our MP to highlight issues of importance to UNISON members such as the cost of living and workers rights. I’ve made sure we have an inclusive and campaigning CLP. 

I attach my election address which outlines the reasons I am standing in this election and which can be shared with members. 

You will have been sent a link from CES to the form the branch will need to complete if it is agreed to nominate me. If you can’t find it please contact to get it reissued. The deadline is 5pm on 26 July.

I would really appreciate your branch's support.

In solidarity,


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