Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Elected to UNISON Labour Link National Committee (& Vote for Anu in regional elections)


On Monday I was really pleased to find out that I had been re-elected (after 2 year gap of course) to the UNISON National Labour Link Committee by NEC (National Executive Council) colleagues to the 12 seats that the NEC hold on that committee (the others by regional and self-organised groups).

Labour Link is the UNISON political fund that in principle supports the Labour Party (but not on everything if they get things wrong in our view) but wants a Labour Government to be elected asap.

Only NEC Labour Party Political fund levy payers "supporters" can vote in these elections and only Labour Party members can stand for Committee positions. 

I will be bringing up at this committee issues of grave concerns to my members such as fire & rehire, cuts to pay and terms of conditions (such as defined benefit pensions!!!!)

Of course, some hard left extremists who hate the Labour Party and only pretend to support them in order to vote or stand took part but but I think most of their candidates got nowhere.

Regional elections for delegates to National Labour Link Committee by all levy members will take place soon. My branch nominated  the excellent candidate, Anu Prashar,  for the Greater London seat. 

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