Tuesday, July 04, 2023

Getting the Labour Postal Vote out in Boleyn


On Saturday morning I joined Labour colleagues door knocking in the Boleyn ward by election in East Ham. The local Labour Candidate is Sofia Patel. Thanks to Mayor, Rokhsana Fiaz for main picture of us mostly trying to install the Labour doorstep information on our phones (my attempt failed)

We were calling at residents who had previously said they were postal voters and we were gently reminding them to vote. The response was on the whole really positive and residents either knew or had heard of Sofia and the vast majority had already voted (most for Labour). 

During the session I only came across 3 residents who had not voted Labour. One was a relative or tenant of the so called "independent" candidate, another was a labour supporter who apologised for voting Green due to a "moment of madness" but would be voting Labour again in the future. 

The third was someone who I had a decent political conversation with. He was not supporting Labour since he wanted more to be done to protect cars in his road since he had recently suffered "hit and run" damage on his car. I suggested that Labour in Newham was very much in favour of traffic calming & diversion  schemes which would help with this problem. 

He then said he was against emission parking charges in Newham, despite the fact he had a lovely young daughter running around in the hall. I mentioned again (same as last Saturday in Uxbridge campaign) the views of my UNISON paramedic colleague (Peter Hannell) that in central London 25% of kids suffer from asthma but in  his home town in rural Hertfordshire it is only 5%.

I think he got that point. Afterwards canvassers enjoyed coffee and gossip in Red Rock cafe right next to the Champions Statute. 

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