Tuesday, July 18, 2023

“Housing officers under pressure”


Check out this thoughtful article by Inside Housing but I am afraid it pulls its punches.  The simple truth is that many of our mega merger housing organisations ( not all) have forgotten they are landlords in the quest to generate funds to cross subsidise new build. This means providing a housing service on the cheap. Closing local housing offices, providing rotten terms and conditions and trying to run all services via national call centres. Failing staff and residents. 

Housing officers are now more like adult services social workers but without the pay, training or (most important to their well being) the professional pastoral support.

There needs to be change. Watch this space. 

Housing officers under pressure

Grainne Cuffe talks to housing officers about the stress of their jobs, as Inside Housing reveals that turnover in some frontline roles has risen dramatically. Illustration by Mary Haasdyk Vooys

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