Sunday, July 09, 2023

East Ham Newham Voices - By Elections Hustings


Yesterday morning I went to the hustings in East Ham Library organised by Newham Voices. Picture is of Labour Candidate for Boleyn Ward, Sofia Patel (Stephanie Garfield, Wall End Labour candidate was unable to attend) telling it as it is on - fly tipping, sex education, hate speech, housing, policing and diversity. 

I admit that I am biased but I genuinely thought that Sofia was head and shoulders above everyone else on the panel. Dispite a rather vile sexist and anti working class question directed at her by those who claim to be pro equality (aka posh middle class white Green male's) that since she worked for the Labour Party she must be a Personal Assistant. However, she kept her cool and answered this and some other unpleasant attack questions with dignity, passion and great skill. 

Many thanks to Newham Voices for organising this event and to all the candidates and all residents who attended (even the sexist bigots, who hopefully learnt some things - probably not).

I hope that there is a good turnout this Thursday 13 July, at the two by elections and we must let the People of Wall End and Boleyn wards decide (but don't forget to bring your photo ID!)

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