Thursday, July 27, 2023

Forever Leeds: The Leeds Uni Reunion 1981-2023

This week I met up with Leeds University friends for a reunion, after in some cases, some 39 years apart. 5 of us shared a house in Headingley, Leeds (very close to the cricket ground). All of us (except Mike) had met each other as members of the local UOTC (training for a potential regular and territorial army officers unit attached to the University). 

By coincidence, on our visit to the Leeds campus on Tuesday there were graduation ceremonies for the present generation of Leeds graduates. Lots of happy new graduates, proud parents and family members. 

Leeds has been transformed since our time which was a pleasure to see but statistics tell us there are still deep rooted social and economic problems for many. 

See modern day picture of us sitting on steps in front of Leeds Uni student union (left to right - Mike, Claire, Me, Fiona (not in original photo but great friend of all of us), Vicki and Sue. 

Picture from 1983/84 (?) outside the student union left to right -me, Vicki, Mike, Sue (Ann, another great friend) and Claire. 

As you can see, we have all aged not a bit!

(I was also in Labour Students during this time and fairly active in the Students Union but do not recall anyone called Keir Starmer (Leeds Uni 1982-85), but since he had a very demanding Law degree to undertake, he probably did the sensible thing to knuckle down and concentrate on his course - unlike me). 

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