Tuesday, April 25, 2023

HAVE YOUR SAY IN THE UNISON NEC ELECTIONS 2023-2025! Community Nominations by London Housing Associations branch

The UNISON NEC is the “Parliament” that helps run the union in between our annual National Delegate Conference. Ballot papers will be sent to your home address any day now. Your Branch Committee nominated the following candidates. Please see photos and statements why these Community & Greater London delegates were nominated.

Denise Thomas & John Gray
“Thank you again for nominating us for the NEC, as you know the election ballot papers are being sent out this week! 

As a nominating branch, you are able to let your members know who you nominated and why. This will really help our campaign and to get our message out. 

This is one of the most important elections in our union, but we all struggle in getting members to get involved. We have also both made a one minute video introducing ourselves and what we want to achieve if elected. You can share this video.

The UNISON Housing Associations Branch nominated Denise Thomas and John Gray because they have committed to: 

1. Putting UNISON Members first 
2. Representing members when they need help and support 
3. Winning better pay and decent pensions for all 
4. Fighting Cuts and Austerity 
5. Building a union that looks after you and your family 

These are the values and priorities of the majority of UNISON members. Values and priorities that your branch hold and support. Make sure your voice and branch is heard!

The UNISON Housing Associations Branch Committee also nominated Sonya Howard, Eddie Brand, Abiola Kusoro and Anu Prashar, for the Greater London Region NEC Seats. 

The NEC is the most important National Committee in UNISON, we nominated these candidates as we believe they are the right people for the job. They are all experienced reps, from introducing the first menopause policy in London, to fighting for LGBT+ rights, to getting over the industrial action threshold, to leading the London Ambulance Service strike and winning for members. 

We nominated Sonya, Eddie, Anu and Abiola because they have committed to: 

• Fight discrimination and put equality at the heart of every decision • Tackle the Cost of Living Crisis – winning fair pay for all • Put London UNISON members first, not factional politics • Work with our first woman General Secretary, Christina McAnea, to make UNISON the strongest union. • Make sure every member gets high quality legal advice and representation when you need it most 

See below for our other National seat nominations: 


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