Thursday, April 20, 2023

Voted for John Gray & Denise Thomas for UNISON NEC elections 2023


This morning my UNISON NEC ballot papers arrived at my home address.

I opened up the envelope and there was 2x candidate election statements, letter from our General Secretary, Christina McAnea encouraging us to vote, a pre paid return envelope and 2x ballot papers.

All UNISON members can vote for the national Black Members and Disabled seats. I voted for Annette HESLOP, Manjula KUMARI, Ash SILVERSTONE & Mitsy HARMON RUSSELL and then for Katrina MURRAY and Angela HAMILTON.

I work in London so had 4 votes for Regional seats. I voted for Anu PRASHAR, Sonya HOWARD, Eddie BRAND and Abiola KUSORO. 

Since I am a UNISON member who works for a Community organisation (Housing Associations, Voluntary sector and Charities) I voted for myself (John GRAY) and Denise THOMAS

I placed both ballot papers in the pre paid envelope and will post tomorrow via royal mail. 

If you work in a different region and for different types of employers you will have different choices. Check out recommendations how to vote elsewhere

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