Saturday, September 18, 2021

AFG: Cancel the Cuts

"As Support Workers, we have gone above and beyond during the pandemic to support some of our community’s most vulnerable residents.

Despite this, our employer Alternative Futures Group (AFG) is proposing drastic cuts to our pay and conditions. This includes sick pay, holiday entitlement, sleep-in pay and bank holiday enhancements. We deserve decent pay and conditions for the exceptional job we do. We need occupational sick pay to protect the health and wellbeing of ourselves and the people we care for. 

We call on our employer, AFG, to stop proposed cuts to our pay and conditions and to pay the Foundation Living Wage to all Support Workers at AFG. 

We call on local authorities that commission AFG to take responsibility for how public funds are being spent, to ensure that our pay and conditions aren’t cut and to improve commissioning standards to ensure all care workers receive decent pay and conditions. 

And we call on members of the public to hold local councillors to account and to stand with us in our campaign for reward and recognition at work".

Say NO to:

  • Attacks on pay and conditions
  • Cuts to occupational sick pay
  • Fire and rehire
  • Profits before people in social care 


Say YES to:

  • A Foundation Living Wage
  • Sick pay for all
  • A voice at work through union recognition
  • Publicly delivered social care

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