Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Back to East Ham Town Hall


This evening I went inside East Ham Town for the first time since pre lockdown for a Crime & ASB Scrutiny Commission meeting. I only went to make sure that there was the minimum quorum of  Councillors present, since I had an emergency trade union clash that I had to deal with. 

Due to Covid only the minimum number of Councillors are asked to join these meetings physically and others are encouraged to join virtually. I had said that I would attend in person and by law only Councillors physically present in meetings count for quorum. 

The meeting was quorum without me, so I apologised to the Chair,  Cllr Daniel Lee-Phakoe and colleagues then left. Which was a real shame since it was an important meeting which I wanted to attend. 

Yesterday evening we had a full Council meeting at the Old Town Hall in Stratford. Which is a beautiful and historic building but I have many more memories of East Ham Town Hall (not all good but mostly!) and it is a lovely building as well. 

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