Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Keir Starmer Leader Speech to Labour Party Conference 2021

I am back home after spending the last 5 days at Brighton for the Labour Party Conference 2021. It was great to be back in Brighton at a physical, real life face to face conference, after all this time. 

I was there as a Party member (self funding) and not a delegate. I am knackered but still attended my UNISON branch committee zoom this evening. I will try to post further on conference later. 

The highlight of a wonderful week (speeches, stalls, fringes, discussions, arguments, gossip, good food, late night debates - mixed in with just a little bit of socialising) was the keynote leader speech by Keir at the close of conference. 

I thought it was a wonderful speech which showed us, a potential future prime minister. He has the 3 "P's" - "politics, policies, personality (and I would add "grit"). He is the only person that can take on the SOS that have ruled us disastrously for so, so long.  

I now think we have a really good chance of a win at the next general election. 

Frankly, after 11 years of Tory rule, nothing else matters. 


John Gray said...

no hate comments please.

John Gray said...

More hater comments gleefully deleted :-)

Anonymous said...

To me Labour is a confusing political party. You have elements like Corbyn, who I disagree with.

Then you have Kier, who is trying to balance between various factions within Labour. No one quite knows what they will get if they vote Labour. Will the Corbynista crawl out of the woodwork and try to take over the party?

Under Blair, we ended up with bad policies and bad regulations, because Governments departments where run by incompetent ministers who did n't understand the implication of their own policies.

Why is Kier talking about his toolmaker father. Those jobs and companies are gone. Who does Labour represent today???

Labour is not forward looking.

In China their new policy is "common prosperity". They seem to have hit the nail on the head.

We live in an age of Corporatocracy. China understands this.

Labour want to tax the rich. This is outdated thinking and largely for sake of jealously and envy. China has got it right, as it is challenging its large corporations. They are the new rich and powerful.

A high tax payer in the UK, is n't cheating tax system. WHy should they be hit with paying more tax? It wont hurt Richard Branson who lives on his private island pays 0% UK tax.
The Pandora papers reveal the wealth of the rich. They can have an army of accountants to help their reduce their tax.

We have a high rate of tax for rich people, why not have a high rate of tax for big companies. If you are Cadburys or Nestle you should pay more tax and give a chance to small independent chocolate firms to grown and compete.

Labour is obsessed with taxation, but I believe it is a good idea if wealth is spread amongst the population. Apple's Steve Jobs borrowed money from small investor he met. Steve Jobs could not go to the bank. This is something Labour fails to understand. Even Richard Branson (not a fan of him), borrowed £50,000 from his aunt. If she did n't have this seed money, it may have taken him longer grow his company or he would just have been a small company today.

We need positive entrepreneurs, who are not going to exploit their position and do good for the country...... Where is the British Samsung? Or the British Microsoft?

Today's tech corporations concentrate wealth in the hands of a few, rather then many.

I rather see 1,000 independent bakers, rather then 1,000 people working for Tescos in their bakery department.

The UK is falling behind in many areas.....