Thursday, July 01, 2021

Romford Road (Atherton) Swimming Baths 1934


Hat tip for this wonderful collage to LCC Municipal (&@LondonNurse2015 for drawing it to my attention) . A souvenir brochure on the opening of the baths in 1934.

It has now been knocked down and rebuilt as a leisure centre (with a pool) but I remember swimming in the old baths (freezing cold when the boilers broke down). The drinks machine hot chocolate was pretty horrible but was warm and sweet. 

Apparently it cost £147,000 to build in 1934 and some of the money came from the government in order to give the unemployed work. 

During the 2nd world war it was used as a morgue for victims of the Bliz. 

The baths were very similar to those in my home town of Buckley in NE Wales which was paid for by a one penny levy on each ton of coal mined locally. 

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