Sunday, July 04, 2021

UNISON Labour Link Special National Forum 2021

Yesterday was the UNISON Labour Link National Forum for 2021. Labour Link is the political fund in UNISON for members who volunteer to pay a levy to affiliate to the Labour Party. 

It is made up of elected regional reps and delegates from UNISON self organised groups. Normally it is held at a hotel and is spread over 2 days but due to Covid it was a virtual meeting 9.30 to 3pm via zoom. There was I think just under 100 delegates. 

I thought it went really well (in the circumstances) and the Chair, Gordon McKay, did a great job in these difficult times, with his own unique ability to be authoritative and self-deprecating at the same time. Gordon is a Scottish NHS nurse and must have had a welcome day off yesterday, since today he had a 12 hour shift undertaking Covid vaccinations. 

My role was as an elected Greater London regional delegate and I was able to speak twice on our motions which were both fully supported by Forum. There was some superb contributions from other London based delegates on a number of debates. 

I will post my speeches (including one that I did not give due to a mix up) over the next few days and some thoughts on how we might now try to implement. Passing motions for motions sake is pretty pointless and we need to think of next steps. 

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