Wednesday, July 07, 2021

UNISON Special Labour Link National Forum 2021 Motion 3. NHS Pay

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Motion 3. NHS Pay

"Forum, Chair, John Gray. Greater London delegate moving motion 3 “NHS Pay”

Forum, this motion is very much complementary to previous motions and amendments and I will not need 5 minutes to move and I will keep things short and hopefully sweet and will concentrate on one argument only.

Forum, We are all in favour of better pay for all public service workers in the best of times but we are now in the worst of times, surely the last 18 months of Covid has reminded everyone of the absolutely key role of NHS staff in protecting all of us?

The battle over Covid is not over anytime soon and there is not just a moral argument on why NHS staff need better pay but it is the interests of all of us here, our families and friends, our neighbours, everyone - to have a NHS workforce that feel valued, that are not feeling angry and disenchanted, that pays enough to be able to recruit and retain staff to do the job.

Regardless of the Covid tragedy, we need a fully functioning NHS. I declare a person interest. My own Mum is 80, not in great health but she still keeps me and my sisters in line via Facetime but I want her to be continued to looked after in the marvellous way she is by the NHS in Wales

Forum you know this just makes perfect sense. Support the motion, let’s get the Party to commit to review NHS pay and terms. I move"

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Anonymous said...

Swathes of the NHS are dysfunctional. Everybody who are forced to use its services know this.

John Gray said...

Parts of every huge organisation is less than perfect. Treating NHS workers badly is not going to make anything better.