Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Meeting up with Stroppy Bird & Dave

It was great to meet up this evening with Yvonne and Dave at the Evin Restaurant in Dalston. It has been at least 2 years since we last met up (due to you know what). I had forgotten where the Overground platform was at Stratford station. 

Yvonne is a Councillor and Mayoral advisor in Hackney and Dave is a journalist. 

We first met in the Royal Court of Justice in 2009 (with Alex Hilton) when we had a little libel issue to sort out. This took about 2 years. 

Yvonne and I both bored Dave silly with our conversion about the exciting life that  London Councillors lead (knocking on doors, wearing hard hats and visiting dog pounds). 

We hope to meet up with our legal guru Robert Douglas soon (Alex is currently in Thailand I believe but will also try and invite)

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