Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The Great British Beach Day Out

Off message somewhat but recently spent a lovely day with family at a rented beach hut in Walton on Naze. My sister-in-law paid £50 on line for the day - 9am-6pm.

Of course, being a British beach experience in August, it was a little windy and even rained a bit (despite a favourable BBC weather forecast).

But it was glorious to sit outside the hut and eat freshly cooked cod/rock fish n chips from Yates washed down with a wally.

Alas, unfortunately the tide was in for most of the day so we could not build the promised sand castles with 3 year old great niece Teagan...but definitely next time.

I went for a bracing stroll along Walton pier. Apparently the 2nd longest pier in the UK. The RNLI have a life boat station at its end.

When we finished for the day, Gill and I walked along the coast from Walton to Frinton (2 miles) and caught the train home to Forest Gate.

I kid you not but there was beach huts, side by side pretty much the entire way. Lots and lots of families and friends enjoying the sea and the beach.

Apparently beach huts in Frinton can cost up to £25,000 to buy. I wouldn't spend that but £50 for 6 adults (and 2 children) was well worth it for a day.

Recently, during a meeting with a Council manager, we talked about future plans for a rebirth of Tenant and Resident Associations in Newham and also organising trips out to the seaside next year for residents and their children.

I really hope we can make this happen. 

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