Saturday, August 24, 2019

Newham Council Housing Liaison Team

For the first time in many years Newham Council tenants and leaseholders now have named officers for all our estates and properties in the borough.

This is a brand new team and I have been on a number of "walkabouts" and resident meetings with them. Their enthusiasm and commitment is just fantastic.  More positive news on housing management to follow.

Your Housing Liaison Officer

Contact your Housing Liaison Officer if you have any issues or queries: The team carries out block inspections, conduct tenancy audits, provide regular housing surgeries for residents, resolve general housing queries, and much more

ustom House, Canning Town North and Canning Town South 

Michelle Harris 
07813 446 312 

Richard Joseph 
07976 321 251

Stratford, New Town and West Ham 

Bryan Waters 
07970 733 919

Salih Rahman 
07946 454 857

East Ham Central, East Ham South and Wall End 

Cherrylyn Akinyemi 
07583 098 796

Plaistow North and Plaistow South 

Beth Wibrow
07949 636 578

East Ham North, Little Ilford and Manor Park 

Mohammad Khan 
07836 387 183

Boleyn, Green Street East, Green Street West and out of borough 

Rebecca Letchford 
07976 321 252

Forest Gate North and Forest Gate South 

Umar Ahmed 
07947 452 360

Beckton and Royal Docks 

Izabell Morelli 
07976 321 239


metin kilinc said...

i have been a newham Tennant over 10 years, when i moved in i was told our windows will change due to their age, all scaffolding went up around the building than all of a sudden they changed their mind, without asking tenants all they did was to clean bricks and took down the scaffoldings, now we are on main street constant noise affects me and my children's health as we can not get sleep, the icing on the cake we have a chicken shop opposite our windows open until some times 6 am in the morning, noises from bikes, cars, music got a lot worse due to covid, we complained for 2 years nothing has been done, rubbish dumping, nothing has been done, people drinking, smoking, using drugs, peeing in front of my kids, when confronted attacking us in front of my kids, countless complaints to police, antisocial behavior and council, NOT ONE PERSON EVER CAME TO US FROM COUNCIL, 10 years of living here in newham council has been the worst ever i have witnessed, this is coming from me as i lived 20 years in hackney, i am hoping this and other problems we face every day here gets resolved but in my brain i know it wont, we have a sayin what you did before is a mirror to what you see in future and i have seen next to nothing from newham council in 10 years...

John Gray said...

Hi Mentin

Thank you for the comment and I am sorry that I have not replied sooner but I was away on leave when you posted it and I am just catching up on my private emails.

Send me your address details to and I will raise what is a called a members enquiries into your issues if you are a West Ham ward resident or I will contact your local councillors if you are not and ask them to investigate.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to read about your ordeal. It sounds really difficult and complex not to mention with children in the picture!

Complain to the CEO and to mayor
Keep a diary log of all events and evidence your reports

Find a really good housing lawyer to push everything into action and get compensated for your very difficult moments you have suffered at hands of LBN