Sunday, August 18, 2019

Park Road Crime & ASB re-inspection 12.8.19

Last week I went on a second walkabout in Park Road, E6 with Residents, Council Officers, Police and local ward Councillor, Nilufa Jahan. Cllr Jahan had persuaded the Police to send a "design out crime" specialist to the block, who had produced an excellent report on ideas to reduce crime and Anti-social behaviour.

Since the last walkabout in November residents, had said that there had been improvements but more needs to be done. I noted that the communal garden maintenance had not been actioned and I have taken this up.

A report has been circulated on problems and possible actions. Our technical officer thinks that we can implement some of the Police design recommendations fairly quickly, which is very positive news. Especially with regard to improving the security of door entry systems.

Ideally we should visit all blocks across the Council with Police design specialists, residents, ward members and technical officers. We do have some money to make improvements.

It may take some time but watch this space. 

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