Thursday, August 16, 2018

"Shocking picture shows Jeremy Corbyn with extremist leader of rogue island nation"

"A shocking new picture has emerged of Jeremy Corbyn appearing to converse with the extremist leader of a rogue island nation that sells weapons to Israel, Saudi Arabia and Syria.

The picture allegedly shows Jeremy Corbyn talking to Theresa May, the barely-elected leader of Britain.

Britain is a rogue island nation that has been selling weapons to terrorist states for decades. It’s currently in the middle of trying to leave the European Union.

‘Britain is one of the most dangerous nations to the safety of the world and here we see Jeremy Corbyn having a cosy little chat with its leader. It’s an absolute disgrace,’ said one furious centrist.

The under-fire Labour leader has admitted that he was once in a room with Theresa May.

‘I was present when Theresa May tried to converse with me, but I don’t think I was involved,’ he claimed."

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