Monday, April 30, 2018

Foxes, UKIP Switchers & New Eastenders - Forest Gate North Labour Canvass

After my Mobike UK adventure I joined comrades in Forest Gate North on #labourdoorstop.

It was interesting to be blamed for not stopping foxes getting into private gardens and then to hear a previous UKIP supporting family switching to being strong Labour supporters.

Anam and I had a great chat with a Bulgarian family who do want to participate in our democratic process and are of course they are the #NewEastenders.

The overall response was really good. So many say that the Labour Party is - their Party

Photo left to right: Me, Carel (our top branch secretary), Sasha Das Gupta (Candidate) & Cllr Anam Islam (Cllr Rachel Tripp was at a meeting with Newham Cyclists)

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