Sunday, October 23, 2016

London Loop Walk: Section 8 - The Causeway to Uxbridge Lock

This is off message and a very late post. Gill and I have been walking (very slowly and in fits and starts) around our capital city via the London Loop long distance path. It is circular route, 150 miles long, made up of 15 different sections. We started section 1 in January 2015 and thought we would have finished it within a year but still have 6 walks to compete.

This walk took place on Saturday 18 June. We started off near Heathrow airport. The noise from incoming airplanes was incredible. Planes were flying every few minutes just over residential homes in order to land. How on earth local residents are able to live with this noise and the fear of a plane crashing is beyond me. I hope the decision on Tuesday by the Government on the future of UK airports is to do nothing. Nor do we need any expansion of London City airport. The noise and pollution from airports is simply horrendous and unacceptable. There are other forms of transport.

Apart from the noise the walk didn't start all that well since the first part of the path was flooded and so we got our feet completely socked. The path looked like a stream (see collage). Much of the latter part of the walk was along the river crane and canal towpaths.

It was a lovely walk once you escaped from Heathrow. Section 8 was about 11 miles, mostly flat and easy walking terrain. We stayed the Saturday night in the Paddington Packet Hotel in Uxbridge which we found ok but has mixed TripAdvisor reviews. The Thai food was very good but could have been a little bit more spicy.

The next day we walked to Moor Park, which was much better walk and I will post upon sometime soon (ish).

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