Friday, October 21, 2016

Harry Pollitt in East Ham

Hat tip to Captain Swing for sending me this record from the GMB national achieves of a "thank you for voting for me" message from a young East Ham based union activist to we presume, members of his local branch.

The activist is Harry Pollitt who later became General Secretary of the Communist Party of Great Britain. Harry was forced to resign from this position when he welcomed the declaration of War by Britain against Nazi Germany in 1939. The Soviet Union had signed a pact with Germany. He was reinstated when Hitler attacked The Soviet Union in 1941.

I wonder if anyone knows how long Harry lived in East Ham?

I may have knocked on the door of 85 Central Park Road during this Boleyn ward Council by election last year.

By coincidence, tomorrow, local Councillor, Veronica Oakshott has organised a charity fund raising event "Bike from Boleyn".

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