Saturday, April 09, 2011

TUC March for an Alternative: What would Clem do?

Tower Hamlets Labour Party on the TUC March 26th.  With the very apt placard to the front "What would Clem do?" (Clement Attlee - former Labour Prime Minister and local MP).   This is important because the National Debt in 1945 was far, far higher than now and yet the Labour government of the time led by Clem managed to nationalise Coal and Steel, have a mass housing building programme and set up the NHS. 

Those were the days!  Hat-tip Col. Roi. Picture Dan McCurry.


James King said...

I originally wanted to put "The 1945 government dealt with a massive national deficit by building houses, creating pensions, establishing the NHS and nationalising industry rather than forcing people into poverty with regressive cuts to the public sector" but that didn't fit onto the placard.

John Gray said...

A picture paints a thousand words James!

Great idea!

Anonymous said...

The debt may have been higher in 1945, but we had an industry.

I don't think a load of housing officers are going to pull us out of the recession.

Brown borrowing too much to create a fake boom. Plus, the idiot banks handing out easy money on credit cards.

John Gray said...

Hi anon
Come on anon. Make your mind up. Whose fault was it then? Brown, Housing officers or the Banks!

Never mind the easy money credit cards what about the naivety, recklessness, fraud and the sheer bloody thievery by many (not all) in UK Finance?

Cameron and Clegg millionaire mates.