Thursday, April 14, 2011

"If we had AV last year there could have been a Labour LibDem Government"

This morning while listening (yet again) to "Today" on the way into work, they interviewed John Curtice, professor of politics at the University of Strathclyde. He number crunched that if we had AV in the last election, there could have been a Labour led Coalition government. Presumably, at the expense of Tories MP’s .

In 1997 he claimed that there would have been an even bigger majority for Labour under AV

I actually think that no-one really know how the Great British Public will actually vote in a AV election. Asking people for the last 20 years who are their second preference is not that useful if you have a First Past the Post system in place. If voter’s thought that their second preference vote actually meant something - this could change peoples voting behaviour.

I cannot see at all what is wrong with the principle that every single MP is supported by at least 50% of voters?

While, if like me, you think there is a progressive majority in this country, who when presented with credible progressive parties and policies they would (usually) support them. Then I think the case for AV is unanswerable.

A Labour led Coalition with the “Orange Book” Liberal Democrats such as Clegg would have been a nightmare at times but when compared to this horrible reactionary Government, which is hell bent on destroying our public services and our welfare state, then the choice I think is clear.

Vote Labour and Yes to AV.

Of course. In my opinion. For what it is worth.


Damien McKee said...

I totally disagree,as John Prescott rightly said people vote to see a manifesto put into action whilst Scotland used first past the post to boost Labour anf say no to the Tories!

John Gray said...

Hi Damien

As much as love JP surely under FPTP there was no manifesto put in place under this gov? FPTP did not deliver.

Damien McKee said...

But Scotland used it to say "No Thanks" to David Cameron!

Mike said...

Just wandered across your blog, John. To Damien - you quote JP's line "people vote to see a manifesto put into action". I keep hearing this one trotted out.

Very few voters think like this. The (probably majority) cynical ones believe that the parties will promise anything to get elected. The less cynical know damn well that external factors and The Law of Unintended Consequences will conspire to make many manifesto promises undeliverable.

Then there are the blatantly undeliverable, like abolition of child poverty.

Damien McKee said...

Yes it did and I hope the NO camp succeeds! Fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

I shall be voting Yes to AV.

Because FPTP the post has corrupted our democracy, encouraging parties to focus their efforts on a handful of swing voters in marginal seats. The rest of us are taken for granted and may as well not bother.

I want my vote taken seriously enough for someone to campaign for it.

John Gray said...

Hi Mike

I think that the abolishion of child poverty is deliverable.

If AV could have stopped this government then that alone would have been worth it.

I think this (updated) quotation is apt “the worst day of a Labour Coalition Government is better than the best day of a Tory one”