Friday, April 15, 2011

My filled out London Community UNISON NEC ballot paper 2011 - hint, hint

Most UNISON members will have different ballot papers depending upon their region and service group.  The trotskyists (aka the splitters and wreckers) are apparently too ashamed this time to call themselves "united left" anymore and are trying to pretend they are not (in my view) ultra left extremists. 

As a rule of thumb if in any election statement you find WE ARE SO VERY, VERY ANGRY...WE WANT TO STRIKE ALL THE TIME... FIGHT EVERYONE WHO DOES NOT AGREE WITH US...END UP WITH YET ANOTHER GLORIOUS DEFEAT then they are what they are....

 Check LONDON SEATS advice here

These are my recommendations for National Health Care Seats: James Anthony (General Seat), Eric Roberts (Male Seat), Ann Moses(Women's Seat) & Christine Sullivan, (Women's Seat)There are two women's seats

National Higher Education Seats: Alison Shepherd (Women's Seat)

National Local Government Seats: Peter Crews,(General Seat) Paul Gilroy, (Male Seat) Lynne Poulton, (Women's Seat) and Julie Robindon (Woemn's Seat)There are two women's seats

National Young Members Seat: Graham Smith

National Black Members Seats: Mark Clifford (male seat), Liz Cameron (Women's seat), Gilly Anglin-Jarrett (Women's seat)
There are two women's seat.


A Trot (Mrs) said...

Thanks, John. Now I know who not to vote for. :-)

John Gray said...