Sunday, April 10, 2011

Labour Party AV Debate: Stratford Thursday 28 April 2011

West Ham CLP and London UNISON Labour Link are sponsoring this debate on the AV vote in Stratford on Thursday evening 28 April 2011 (Workers Memorial Day!).

John Debham MP will speak in favour of AV and Margaret Beckett MP will speak against.  The venue is only a short walk from Stratford stations, it is comfortable and there will be plenty of seats. 

I am personally a supporter of AV in Parliamentary elections.  While I think there is a progressive majority in this country and that AV will benefit the Labour Party and our policies.  I recognise that no one really knows how the Great British Public will actually vote if such a system is introduced.  Regardless of this, I do think that the principle of each MP having the support (or rather the preference) of at least 50% of their constituents is just right and proper.  The only thing I cannot bear to think is of course that my vote would be in any way to be an endorsement of Clegg.  But who really gives a monkey anymore what he thinks of anything never mind what he considers "miserable compromises".


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