Sunday, April 03, 2011

"The NHS is not for Sale you Toss.." - 208k hits on Youtube

The Observer and the Sunday Mirror today reveal that Council Binman and rap singer "NxtGen" (aka Sean Donnelly see picture) age 22 was supported by UNISON with regard to the filming of his song
on Youtube - "Andrew Lansley Rap".  

I had listened to a BBC Radio news report on the huge success of the song on YouTube while driving home this lunchtime (over 200,000 hits - which I had posted last month here).

Hat-tip COHSE

Update: You can buy the single online here from itunes


Anonymous said...

It's difficult to believe that a staid old trade union could actually have the gumption and forward-looking attitude such that it would back this initiative. But well done, Unison - you have restored my faith in the labour movement as being relevant and able to speak effectively to and on behalf of young people. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

So all those people who said it couldn't possibly be us were wrong! Now buy the download on itunes and let's push it up the charts!

Anonymous said...

I see even Rogering Jon is pleased with this video. Surprised though how few of the Trots have made much of it - maybe they think talking to the 'yoof' is solely their province?

Anonymous said...

Good to see this chap quoted as a critic of Lansley in the debate in the House of Commons today.