Wednesday, April 27, 2011

London asked to help give Cameron and Clegg a "savage" Council election beating

In London there are no local elections this year. UNISON Greater London have distributed the following list of 11 target Council's in areas surrounding London.  So, if you want to send a real message to Cameron and Clegg about what you think of their "savage" Cuts, their attempts to privatise our NHS and to destroy our welfare state. Then get out and mobilise the vote against Tory and Liberal Democrat Councillors in these target seats.

If these CONDEM Councils get completely smashed on May 5th then this will make the local Tory and Lib dem MP's think again about the Cuts. If the defeats are really deep and profound then think "rats and sinking ships" - a real election beating may even help result in this Coalition's well deserved early demise. Even if you don't usually support Labour you can see this makes political sense. So if you live in London and really hate what this government is doing and want to do something positive and practical to oppose it, then get yourself out there and help defeat them on May 5th.


"On 5 May local elections will be taking place outside London. UNISON's objective is to sustain our anti public sector cuts campaign by defeating Tory and Lib Dem councillors and returning Labour controlled Councils where we can. Eleven target Councils have been identified in surrounding areas where I would encourage activists and members to volunteer some time to help campaign to defeat the Lib Dem and Tory Councillors who currently hold those Councils.

The list of 11 target Councils is attached along with the contact details for the local campaign organisers. Please cascade this request for volunteers encouraging them to give up a few hours of their time to ensure that Labour is successful in these elections. 

Council area linked  Reg Name Phone email
Bedford East Lou King 01234 272472
Brighton and Hove South East Paul Barlow 07966 260262
dover South East Paul Harrington 07545 421412
Gravesham South East Simon Wady 07843 344318
Harlow East Charlie Cochrane 01279 625870
Luton East Francis Steer 01582 730764
Reading South East Ben Zielinski 07743 595426
Stevenage East Joseph Sherry 01279 625860
Thanet South East Michelle Fenner 07766 452552
Thurrock East Richard Speight 07794 307840
Watford East Steve Cox 07505 843553
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