Wednesday, December 08, 2010

West Ham Labour Party increase membership by 194

Good news at this evening's West Ham Labour Party Executive Committee meeting (EC).  Our membership has increased by 194 compared to this time last year.

I suspect that this will grow much, much further as the Coalition cuts begin to be felt and the penny actually drops how the Nasty the Nasty Party are when in power (with their new wannabe Nasty Orange Book allies).

West Ham is a solid Labour Seat and arguably the birthplace of the Labour Party. 

After the vital post EC analysis at The "Goose" in Stratford (draught pilsner larger and cast bitter at £1.49 per pint - not bad for London) I came home and checked the Party "Membersnet" and it confirmed we now have 623 members. Fantastic news.

(picture by Dan McCurry of West Ham CLP Chair Cllr Conor McAuley and Ed at West Ham leadership hustings

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