Saturday, December 25, 2010

Epping Forest Crimbo Walk 2010

Superb Christmas day walk around Epping Forest.  Started off at the Warren Pond car park opposite the Queen Elizabeth Hunting Lodge (below left). 

I once worked right next door to the Hunting Lodge in a telesales call centre "selling" water filters.  I left as soon as I found out it was a complete and utter con job.  Unsolicited mail sent from Eastern Europe saying that you have won a prize (top prize a car) and to claim it you should ring this number!  Yeah right.

It was completely dishonest and criminally fraudulent.  It was openingly recognised and laughed at that no-one who replied would win the car.  Yet the managers appeared to believe that this was a completely legitimate business - ripping off the elderly and the vulnerable. Norman Tebbit was the local MP at the time.  No surprises there.  Red raw capitalism - don't you just love it?

The walk itself was lovely and I recommend a stroll to anyone who lives locally.  Pictures on Facebook

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