Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Orange Clegg and Saint Vince are Janus

"FURTHER UPDATE: Labour's Kevin Brennan, as mischievous as ever, asked if Speaker Bercow could confirm that it would be in order for MPs to walk through both the Aye and the Noe lobby if they want to register an abstention.

He said that Lib Dems who wanted to claim they had voted both for and against tuition fees could therefore satisfy different audiences".

Hat tip Col. Roi.


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John Gray said...

Good Video

Damien McKee said...

I take it you would have agreed with Peter Burrows of the Liberal(not Liberal Democrats)Party when he says-in regards to Nick Clegg-anyone with a soul would not join in cutting benefits for the most vulnerable and that Clegg was partial to using the phrase "alarm clock Britain" but many families in Britain won't even have that thanks to you and your Tory friends and ended with saying that the Clock was ticking on Clegg!

John Gray said...

agreed Damien. fingers and toes!