Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Coalition Council Cuts: Robbing the Poor to pay for the Rich

Highest cuts:-
LB Hackney 8.9%
LB Tower Hamlets 8.9%
LB Newham 8.9%
Manchester MBC 8.9%
Rochdale MBC 8.9%
Knowsley MBC 8.9%
Liverpool MBC 8.9%
St Helens MBC 8.9%
Doncaster MBC 8.9%
S Tyneside MBC 8.9%
Blackburn with Darwen UA 8.9%
Halton UA 8.9%
Hartlepool UA 8.9%
Hull UA 8.9%
Middlesbrough UA 8.9%
NE Lincs UA 8.9%

Lowest cuts:-
Poole 0.97%
Hampshire 0.95%
West Sussex 0.65%
Wokingham 0.63%
Richmond-upon-Thames 0.61%
Buckinghamshire 0.60%
Surrey 0.31%
Dorset +0.25% (yes, that is a plus - an increase not a cut)

Hat Tip to Luke for above information.  Some are arguing that Pickle's figures are wrong and the cuts will be even more drastic and the actual reduction could be up to 9.9%! 

So the leafy Royal Borough of Richmond loses 0.61% and my inner city borough Newham 8.9%.

These reductions are just vile and show that the poor and vulnerable are being penalised for not voting Tory or Lib Dem. Even worse than that they are being used to pay for the excesses of the rich bankers and financiers.


Anonymous said...

Just remind us how much was spent on your glitzy new Building 1000?


Anonymous said...

it has saved bundles of cash Mikey. Fancy being a Daily Hater source.

Hope you are proud of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Not saying much now are you John? Hang your head in shame. Newham has been and always will be a corrupt Council. No wonder you wanted in.... The sooner the better the people of Newham see what Labour really are in this borough and kick you all out.....

Anonymous said...


Anon 20:42 (15th Dec) isn't me.

I think you'll find that the Mail lifted the materiel from the BBC. However, if it gets the truth out there, so be it.

But now you're prepared to discuss council business, maybe you could explain how Building 1000 has saved cash, rather than just regurgitating what's already been put out, namely - Building 1000 has saved money. Give us the details.

Furthermore, I agree with you regarding the severity of the cuts to Newham. However, do you really expect a Conservative government to reward a loyal Labour supporting borough by diverting money from richer, Tory boroughs, when, even after more than a decade in power, a Labour government couldn't be arsed to do so. I refer to Newham's failure to get re-branded as an inner-London borough and thereby obtain an extra £58 million p.a. in funding. And Newham had three Labour MPs at the time - two in government, one was a Treasury minister.

By the way, liked your speech at the extraordinary Council meeting on the 23rd November; it was actually quite impressive.

John Gray said...

Hi anon 16.11
See you have crawled out of your gutter for the occasion. Please crawl back to where you belong

Hi Mike
Sorry, but this is my own individual blog and does not represent the views of Newham Council or Newham Labour Group and I don’t want any confusion over this point.

I’m glad you agree with me about the cuts and yes it was a failure not to get Newham inner London status but it was not for the lack of trying. Yes, the Labour government acted fairly towards Tory boroughs which I think was actually a good thing. Even though it is now obvious that such fairness will not be replicated.

I think though that thanks to hard work put in by the MP’s that Newham was successful in getting money in other ways.

Nationally, Yes, I do expect fairness from every government and that the rich should shoulder the burden of the cuts not the poor.

I am not holding my breath.

Thank you for your comments about the 23rd.

Anonymous said...

"glitzy new Building 1000"

Annual saving of £12 million
divided by Investment of £111 million
= rate of return of 10.81%

Why is Bob Neill MP a Minister if he can't be bothered to do simple arithmetic?

Anon - 4 said...

Your title says "Robbing the Poor to pay for the Rich". But is n't that what Robin Wales / Newham Council has been doing to this Borough?. I AM ANGRY IT IS MY MONEY YOU ARE BLOWING!!!.

£92million on Building 1000 and then £18 million spent on refurbishing a new building. What is the Council thinking?.

Now the Green Street market traders say that the Council has doubled car park prices, driving people out to out-of-town supermarkets. Why don't they charge the staff working at Building 1000 to park there. Lets make it fair. You are killing off small businesss. You make parking so expensive that people have to risk parking without a ticket.

They have put Residents Parking Zone in places like Greengate. It is not even a major street or has parking issues, but its an opportunity for the Council to send in people to issue parking tickets.

And you awarded yourselves a big pay rise as soon as you got voted in at a time when everyone is talking of restraint.

Newham PratWatch said...

What a prat VERY ANGRY is

Didn't he learn to count in his public school? Isn’t it obvious that Building 1000 is going to save the Council lots of money and prove to be a long term investment for the borough? It has regenerated a former docks site empty for decades and brought into Newham big and high profile successful companies.

Local Residents decided upon CPZ's not the Council. What a prat not to know this. Typical.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"Newham has been and always will be a corrupt Council. "

I think you'll find that the leading lights of the Town Hall Masonic Lodge were cleared out at the election of 1982. Long before John Gray's time!

Freemasons now discourage Town Hall lodges.

Anonymous said...

can someone PLEASE, give me a very GOOD description of this image using geographical terms?! Thanx