Tuesday, December 07, 2010

"Going Dutch – how to double the value of British pensions"

Hat tip Touchstone by TUC Nigel Stanley "Earlier today I spoke at the launch of  Going Dutch – how to double the value of British pensions.  This is a new report by David Pitt-Watson for the RSA that argues that the UK’s DC pensions could deliver much better pensions for the same contributions.
It’s an exemplary report - succint, well-written and carefully argued. I would urge anyone with a passing interest in pensions policy to read it.
The report argues that the DC schemes in which most people with pensions now save are extremely inefficient. There are two main areas of potential gain.
  • Making schemes much bigger and ensuring that they are run by trustees in the interests of their members can deliver one lot of savings. Charges dramatically eat up investment gains – up to 40 per cent of potential pension – and if you can reduce charges through efficient management and economies of scale then you can deliver seriously better pensions for the same contributions.
  • Making DC schemes collective so that members pool their resources and share risk can deliver a further increase in benefits. This would mean schemes provising their own pensions rather than compelling people to buy annuities....."

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