Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Missing. Have You Seen This Man?

Bethnal Green & Bow Residents are asking for your help in identifying the whereabouts of George Galloway.

He was last seen wearing a pink leotard and white fluffy bunny slippers in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iran, Beirut, North Korea, Syria and on top of a red bus in Proctor Street, Holborn; he was also known to be posing as an illegal immigrant in Canada.

His height and weight is known to be dodgy, his hair grey and balding, moustache grey and grizzled, eyes grey and dilated, it has been known to be red in the morning.

If anyone has information of his whereabouts please do not approach him, he is known to be dangerous and armed with an offensive mouth.

Contact Details Office: Disrespect Party Office
Location: Shifty Road

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ModernityBlog said...

great post :)

Dave said...

Hi John,

good post. Enjoyed the trip down memory lane provided by links to other postings on your blog. There's no body like a trot to turn an ally into an enemy, unless it's the sad old tankie Galloway. He's not called 'gorgeous' on account of his looks

Dave Draycott

John Gray said...

Hi Folks
Today I was walking along Roman Road market and nearly I bumped into him! The first time I have ever seen him in BG&B outside an election. He was on his mobile dressed in black obviously sorting out some future jolly abroad or getting hold of more Iranian pieces of silver.
BTW - Warning – I may upset my good comrade Mrcentreleft with my next posting.