Friday, August 21, 2009

UK to US: The Truth About the NHS!

The British health care system isn't perfect, but we would never trade it for the one in the US.

Yet conservative US politicians and greedy insurance companies are pushing lies about the NHS as a way to scare the American public off national health care - risking Obama's whole movement for change and threatening his majority in Congress.

Sign the petition below and tell friends - huge numbers of us will cause a stir in the US media and affect the debate, and Avaaz will deliver our message to wavering US Senators this month before they cast their vote in Congress.

To the US Congress and the people of America, We urge you to ignore the myths about health systems in our country and others that are being pushed by US healthcare companies. Our national system of public healthcare works very well and enjoys extremely high levels of public support. We wish you a healthy and honest debate about healthcare in the US.

This request to support this campaign and petition the US Congress was emailed me via the TUC so I assume it is legit. It certainly makes sense to me.


paul mcc said...

So true John,
The only thing you don't get on the NHS is a big bill at the end of treatment, I love it.....

Anonymous said...

I travel and work in the USA a lot. Most Americans I know are pretty objective, their economy is far more successful and their standard of living generally higher than ours. I think their debate will look at all aspects of our healthcare system and they will make their own judgement. Our healthcare system is far inferior to those in mainland Europe - this is a fact - so some reform of our system is long overdue. Have you ever tried to get an NHS dentist? What's wrong with acknowledging its failings and aiming to improve? Why are you so blind to change? You dinosaurs need to move with the times - the dinosaurs are extinct now you know! Mind you the economy is now in ruins thanks to Stalin so I think we can expect healthcare reform in the UK is not going to include additional spending.

paul mcc said...

And the economy in the USA is great at this moment, And what happens to the poor and unemployed, In there successful economy, Just left to rot. If you ain't got dollars in your hand or in your bank they don't want to know. Stalin not my generation but i do remember the last president, Bush And he is the biggest dinosaur going.

John Gray said...

Hi Paul
I think you will appreciate this “no society can legitimately call itself civilised if a sick person is denied medical aid because of lack of means”. Aneurin Bevan, In Place of Fear, p100

Hi Pat
Actually the post recognises that the NHS isn’t perfect and in fact it is not about telling the US to adapt a British model health service. The Obama proposals if accepted would in fact mean nothing like the NHS. The issue is real dinosaurs who make money out the present system have being telling lies about the NHS to frighten Americans into opposing reform. I am sure while you are flying around the US you have a very good insurance plan. 47 Million Americans have no insurance. America spends nearly twice as much GDP as us on health but we live slightly longer and have a better child mortality rate. Dentists locally openly advertise for NHS patients. What “facts” do you use to back up your assertion that our healthcare is vastly inferior to Europe?
The Americans will do choose what the Americans want for their own country. What are not acceptable are the blatant untruths and ill informed comments made about what we chose for ours.

Mike Law said...


Do you know if he actually said "I stuffed their mouths with gold."?

Mike Law said...

Sorry, I was referring to Bevan... I know it's an attributed quote; wondered if you had any info on it.

John Gray said...

Hi Mike

Google it and it seems pretty well accepted and "in charactor". I'm reading a bio of Atlee at the mo and will see if it mentions this.