Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Draft Defamation Bill Scrutiny and the three Labour blogger comrades!

On Friday evening I made a (very last minute) submission to the House of Commons Joint Committee on the
Draft Defamation Bill. For nearly 4 years Labour bloggers Dave Osler, myself and Alex Hilton had to fight a series of completely daft and ludicrous defamation claims in the Royal Court of Justice.  Thanks to pro bono (free!) help by expert solicitors David Allen Green and Robert Dougans the claims were eventually dismissed.

I was going to post on my submission but yesterday I got an acknowledgement from the  committee which suggested that I would be unable to post on it until they published my evidence.  So (if this is correct) I will have to keep stum for now.  It is an interesting story I think.  I hope it will help help organisations such as "Sense about Science" to fight the good fight against censorship and the current gross abuse of our Libel laws.

(This picture was taken at a curry house near to the Royal Court of Justice after something sensible was decided)

Dave is on the left of picture, then me, then Alex.  I do enjoy getting facebook reports about when Dave goes to lefty Trot parties and social events he is introduced as "this is Dave Osler, a friend of John Gray" :)
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