Wednesday, February 25, 2009

“On the knocker” for Labour in Royal Docks

Tonight after work I joined a Newham Labour party canvass team which went out knocking doors and talking to residents about the Council by-election next month and our candidate Steve Brayshaw.

I managed to arrive on time for the briefing and we were soon sent out in various teams to cover the ward. My team went to the more traditional Labour heartlands in the ward which lie towards the Woolwich Ferry.

I thought that we had a good reception. I felt that people were pleased to be canvassed for their views. Even amongst those few who said they would not vote for Steve I felt that there was no real hostility to Labour. I didn’t see any opposition supporters at all in the ward.

We had 3 Newham Councillors with us in our team of 7 (which was a bit too large). Local Royal Docks Cllr Anthony McAlmont (and his son!), Cllr David Griffin and Cllr Amarjit Singh.

What I was really pleased about was the state of the housing stock which I believe is largely run by Newham Homes (the Council owned ALMO). The stock and the street seemed to be well maintained and cared for which is a credit to the residents and the housing staff.

The only problem we had that night was when Labour stalwart John Whitworth tried to hand over our vote ID returns to HQ and he had to fend off Steve’s dogs at the front door who were busy trying to lick him to death.
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