Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Tory Wipe out Poll (don't believe it)


While I want to believe that this poll is accurate I do not believe it "until it happens". We are are still very, very vulnerable to Tory division and lies. The Tories are the most ruthless and successful election machine in Western Europe. Never forget this.

I also had a rather depressing experience today at a trade union meeting, where the ultra left spent all their time slagging off Labour and not the Tories. They obviously want another 5 years (and longer) of Tory rule, since they believe it will bring about "the revolution". Yeah. 

Labour is not perfect and I have never personally agreed with every one of their policies or statements. But the choice (in the main UK elections) is really about either the Tories or Labour. Full Stop.

The Ultra left would rather have the Tories in power than Labour to keep themselves "ideologically pure". They do not give a damn about working class people. 

I am off with "West Hammers on Tour" tomorrow to support the Labour Candidate for Wellingborough, Gen Kitchen. Fingers crossed. 

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