Sunday, February 11, 2024

Labour Local Government Association Conference 2024: Day 2


Picture collage from yesterday evening and day 2 of the Conference held in Warwick. Labour is now the largest political party in UK local government. 

There was a number of workshops, formal speeches and panel debates. It was informative and interesting. A great but rarely found combination in municipal politics! 

Powerful speech by our deputy Labour Party leader, Angela Rayner, stressing that Labour will fund councils on the need of its residents not on the politics of its governing party. Unlike this Tory Government. 

Former Council leader and now MP Jim McMahon pointed out that local government had lost 900,000 workers since 2010 due to cuts but central government had gained 900,000 workers. A massive centralisation of power and resources. 

I asked a question of Shadow Social Care Minister, Andrew Gwynne about the role of local government in the future "fair pay" (sectorial bargaining) of the care sector by the Labour "New Deal for Working Families". All of the panel made reference to the importance of making sure that care workers get decent pay and conditions. Andrew made it clear that while "New Deal" was not part of his portfolio (I should have asked Angie) he is sure that local government will play an important role. Which makes sense to me. 

It was also an opportunity this weekend to share with the many unison members presence an early celebration of "Love Unions" week (starts tomorrow 12 Feb)

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